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Fluent App Control Thermostat

Intelligent Thermostat


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About Our Programs

At Fluent, we have multiple programs all geared toward helping you achieve a life of success.

Summer Program

It is similar to a sports team atmosphere filled with bonding, friendships, fun activities, traveling and lots of HARD WORK. Everyday you’ll go to a correlation meeting with training, goal-setting, announcements and motivation before heading out to work as a team. You’ll be trained to stay focused, be motivated by your peers and held accountable to your own goals as well as the teams'. The summer program maximizes your production pushes you to your limits allowing you to thrive in the best working environment free of distractions.

Year Round

Our year round program means working from home, taking things on your own pace while having access to all of the Fluent Home resources and staff help. This program can be done as part time working afternoons or evenings as well as weekends. Many employees benefit from starting this way as it is flexible, allows a taste of the industry while having a great earning potential. The program is available upon acceptance following an interview and successful completion of our short training seminar.

Technician program

Technicians are an essential part of making our customers happy and their systems run smoothly. Whether you have a background in the industry or not, we are always looking for motivated, hard-working individuals who know how to LEARN. Make the most out of your summer and even take the job into the whole year.

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